8 Best Easy Painted Pumpkins Ideas

Pumpkin Paintings, filled with the colors of fall, may be the most common and popular Halloween decoration. While having painted pumpkins decorating the inside of your home or garden adds ambiance and relaxation to the occasion, they are also great for decorating your Thanksgiving Day. It is a special day where family and friends gather to celebrate the harvest of food and thanksgiving for all the hard work they do for the community.

Whether you live in a small apartment or you have a spacious home, you can still take advantage of this opportunity for a large group of people to gather for a holiday gathering. This is how you can create a sense of interest and excitement for your friends and family during the holiday season. No matter if you choose to decorate your house, your apartment or even your church, there are so many varieties and ideas to choose from. Not only will it be fun to see how they look, but you can also put some extra touch to them.

8 Best Easy Painted Pumpkins Ideas

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One of the wonderful things about these decorations is that they are not just for children. You can find different styles, designs, and themes to adorn your children’s bedroom, hallways, and any other area you want to highlight and beautify. One of the main theme choices available are the traditional painted pumpkins with the holes covered up with an aged cloth or curtain.

You can also have them decorated with painted colorful paper and glitter. Add some sparkle and lace along the edges. These decorations are extremely versatile; you can hang them on their own or have them adorn your walls or place them under a backdrop. They can also be used as the base for other decorations like string lights, candles, or decorative candles.

Painting your house is also the perfect idea to make it look much better. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for paint, you can get one gallon of paint for just a few bucks. Your house will look a lot more like a real home as compared to the usual painted wooden houses that are on the market today. As the focal point of your room, you can put up a nice looking good-sized door that resembles a carved pumpkin. Add some pine cones and others natural plants for some additional decoration. The possibilities are endless when you have painted pumpkins as the center piece of your home.

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No matter what your holiday celebration, you can use these decorations. If you are planning a Thanksgiving Day party, you can make them resemble a miniature version of the true traditional pumpkin. You can also put it on the outside of your home, since most homes are decorated in holiday colors. You can buy a miniature pumpkin and put it inside your oven at home. After it has cooked for the required time, you can trim off its top and draw a star-shape outline.

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