10+ Black Kitchens – Black Cabinet And Backsplashes Ideas

Do you need to redo your black backsplash? It’s a great way to spruce up a bare room, but it’s also pretty easy to overlook. If you spend your day out and about on a regular basis, you will want to change the look of your interior if it is too drab or dull. However, a black backsplash can easily add an interesting and contrasting touch to any room.

10+ Black Kitchens – Black Cabinet And Backsplashes Ideas

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Black is often used to camouflage problems with bathroom linoleum. Sometimes, there are no color discrepancies with black but a boring or old style of tile. To change this you simply need to buy some flooring that is darker than the linoleum. It may be hard to find antique-look flooring but you can always find a black tile to match any room. You can also get some slightly textured black porcelain tile and coat it with a rubber coating. This will give it a bumpy surface but it will still be smooth.

In order to get a special touch you can cut a curved piece of metal and use it as a trim. Another good idea is to lay a deep-set area rug across the whole back splash and then cut a square piece of black cabinet stain, place it on the rug, and use a stencil to write an interesting message or design on the back splash. Your guests will be impressed with this kind of unique and personal touch.

Sometimes you don’t have access to dark linoleum but you can always lay a dark-colored tiled floor on top of the linoleum. If you decide to go this route, you may have to sand the floor every two weeks or so. This will prevent staining from the paint from staying there and causing a staining problem.

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Don’t forget about the lighting in your black backsplash. If the lighting fixtures are at a good height for reading, use a dimmer switch. If your walls are darker and you have windows, use bright lighting and lay white paint on the flooring and the baseboard. If you take some time and add a touch of black to your black backsplash you will have one of the easiest and most affordable ways to spruce up an empty room. Make sure you add some personal touches to the room, including color, design, and the bold accent of black.

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