8 Brick Backsplashes: Rustic And Full Of Charm

Why is a white brick backsplash such a great idea? Well, for one thing it gives the whole room a very clean, fresh look that is pleasing to the eye. Another reason is that it has natural weathering patterns that will add color and life to the space. Here are some of the ways you can add more character to your spaces, without the need to move walls or change ceilings.

One great idea when it comes to a white brick backsplash is to create a cross. A very pretty pattern, especially when done with an off-white shade and painted with flowers or vines or with bolder hues. The width of the painting should be the same as the width of the wall itself, so the lines will not seem drawn to the wall but rather to the floor.

8 Brick Backsplashes: Rustic And Full Of Charm

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Once the lines are created, add plants to create texture and depth to the wall that would have seemed quite bland and flat had the paint not been added. For an older home, a growth of coniferous plants may seem too modern, but these can give the room a warm and even feel, while still remaining somewhat classic and earthy.

You can also try using columns and arches on the wall or even just use a raised panel across the top. Another way to soften the texture of the wall is to use tiles instead of walls. They will add a bold look to the wall. If you do want to apply the painting style and colors that you would like, you can add this on before the tile. This gives the illusion of a painted wall, and when done well, it is one of the best ways to transform an otherwise dull space.

Another thing to consider is the placement of your artwork in the room, if you use larger objects, then make sure they get enough lighting to really have a dramatic effect. The paint itself should match the colors of the wall, as well as the tile or stone that you use. Again, it is important to use the same type of paint and the same look for the walls and the floor as well.

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The artwork that hangs on the wall should have a solid form, and if you use an image, like a painting, then it should be put on the right side of the wall to give depth to the room. If you use smaller pieces of art that will sit against the wall, place them there and place them so that they get good illumination. If you have ceiling lights in the room, use them, but don’t rely on them as the only source of light. A white brick backsplash is always an interesting way to enhance a space and bring the look of nature into the space. To achieve a great-looking room, you need to carefully use different types of paint and you also need to consider placing your art and your objects in the right locations.

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